Friday Love Poem

My father does these on Thursdays, but I want to do it Friday at eleven o’clock at night. This poem is technically a love poem. It is a poem about love. In fact it’s right there in the title.

I plan on doing a few more recordings of other peoples’ poetry, and maybe of mine.I am working on a few different projects right now. I might even be published again in a literary journal which I will not name. Anyway, have a nice day.

Micah Bauman, 2016

Word Fountain

My House
Micah Bauman

my house
is slowly leaving me
piece by piece
it departs

I’ll have nowhere
to live
to sleep
my house is slowly leaving me

the wall left
It desired some time alone
the ceiling left
It reached an all-time low
the floor left
It couldn’t handle the pressure anymore
the door left
In search of greater opportunities
the roof left
it didn’t like the stormy weather
the window left
it yearned to see the world

the stairs
they come and go
can never make up their mind

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Quick Update


Hello, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything on this blog. I’ve had some writers block lately (I know,  “writers block is just an excuse bla blah”).  This post is just to let you know i am still alive and I will be back to writing on this blog soonish. Also, Hi Mom. That’s about all I feel the need to say for now. I’ll see you in the future (that’s right I’m a time traveler). Have a nice day.

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