Happy Poetry Month

Even though it’s a few days late, happy poetry month. I wanted to celebrate somehow. Maybe write something on the blog. But I think I’ll start by sharing my recently published poem at a tremendous small online press called Anti-Heroin Chic. Click here to read the whole issue online (which I encourage you to do. But if you must skip to my poem. Here’s a link right here.

I will be posting more soon (maybe some other poem of mine may or may not be getting published). Till then I’ll be busy writing and reading and thinking about poems. Bye.


October Reading

I don’t know what to add here except that this will be a nice reading.

David J. Bauman

Reading with the River Poets

Time: Thursday, October 7th at 7:30 PM

Place: Community Room of the Bloomsburg Public Library, 225 Market Street in Bloomsburg, PA

The River Poets of central Pennsylvania are hosting my son Micah James Bauman and I at the Bloomsburg Public Library for a reading from our poetry chapbook collaboration, Mapping the Valley: Hospital Poems (Seven Kitchens Press, February 2021, #12, Volume IV of their Editor’s Series).

Following the reading will be an open mic with the them “Family” (broadly interpreted).

If you are in central or Northeastern Pennsylvania, we’d love for you to join us!

More about Mapping the Valley: Hospital Poems:

“A rare series of poems in alternating voices . . . a unique glimpse into the shifting dynamic of care and caring, depression and recovery, tracked throughout with unflinching honesty.”

— Ron Mohring, editor and founding publisher at Seven…

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Finally a post on my blog

Dear blog, here I am looking for places to submit my poetry while celebrating selling some of the father/son chapbook I worked on. In fact, it’s been posted on instagram and other places and people say it’s a favorite of theirs and dad and I are amazed.

But what’s not amazing, getting rejection letters and I’ve been reminded of one recently and wanted to feature it on the blog. While I won’t say what publication it is, I will say they’ve been around about as long as I have on this planet.

As you can you the person who responded was pretty vague. Not a real good one. But something was funny about it. “I’m not keeping them” particularly sounded like strange wording to me.

I’d like to end this post with a picture of my dog, Blossom. I’ll post more about her later.

I’ve Been Nominated

I am a little late in announcing this. But I might as well mention it here on the blog before it’s too late. Stef Nunes, editor of Sage Cigarettes’ has nominated me for The Best of The Net Anthology by Sundress Publications. Check out my poem from the 2019 Samhain addition of Sage Cigarettes Magazine over here. And check out all Sage Cigarette issues here.

Also a side note. I heard dad poet has been nominated for something too. Click here to see if you can harass him into revealing what it is. Meanwhile, I’ll try to stop monkeying around and get my big ape brain to submit to more poetry magazines.

Congratulations to this people too. Especially, Ken Pobo, who I met back in the days of Word Fountain.

WeekEnd Rabbit Hole

It’s official. I’m lost again. Down an internet rabbit hole after looking up videos on YouTube. I just kept watching them and watching them and in a few weeks, I’ll probably still be watching them.

There’s these videos from ABC news on their YouTube channel. (Not the American ABC news. This one is Australian Broadcasting Corporation.) They are really old and really fascinating to me. From the man on the street interviews about anything from whether women should be able to wear bikinis to whether there’s life on other planets to the video where a scientist predicts the moon can’t be walked on because it’s made of plasma. ABC called these strange videos RetroFocus. Below are some of my favorites.

Is too much fuss made over bosoms?

“The cult and worship of the bosom”

Are looks important to women?

“I can bare almost anything as long as he’s got clean teeth.”

There are many along the lines of Should Husbands Help With the Weekend Housework and Is Education a Waste of Time for a Married Women? Sigh. It was a different time.

But, wait a second this has a computer predict the end of civilization:

“Round about the year 2040, 2050, civilized life as we know it on this planet will cease to exist.”

Wait a second, that’s in 20 or 30 years. This isn’t fun anymore.


Since my dad just posted about a poem of his that got published a little while back, I figured I’d make a slightly delayed post about one of my poems published this spring too. This poem has not only been published in South 85 (click here for proof), it’s going to be published in dad and I’s up and coming chapbook, Mapping the Valley. More about that and a recording of this poem coming soon!


by Micah James Bauman

Some of the patients had a few screws loose,
which is not to say they were broken forever.
They only required the right tools to put them back together.

A kind man came into the room each day for group therapy.
He taught us how to use tools in the real world.
He had a brilliant analogy for teaching us the tools:

“Think of a nail sticking out from a piece of wood.
If you tried to use a wrench to pound in the nail
that may not be the best choice. On the other hand,

a hammer’s claw, now that would serve you well.
What kind of tools,” he asked, “do we have
at our disposal?” The man in the cowboy hat,

the one who when asked about his goals for the day,
had answered that he wanted to watch football,
said he knew about tools. “I built a shed once.

We used a hammer to pound nails into the wood
and put her together. We had to use a screwdriver
to put on the hinges so the doors would swing.”

“Yeah, I got tools. Back home. Good tools, and I know
how to use ‘em. I can’t wait to get back and build
something new, something as  beautiful as that shed.”

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