WeekEnd Rabbit Hole

It’s official. I’m lost again. Down an internet rabbit hole after looking up videos on YouTube. I just kept watching them and watching them and in a few weeks, I’ll probably still be watching them.

There’s these videos from ABC news on their YouTube channel. (Not the American ABC news. This one is Australian Broadcasting Corporation.) They are really old and really fascinating to me. From the man on the street interviews about anything from whether women should be able to wear bikinis to whether there’s life on other planets to the video where a scientist predicts the moon can’t be walked on because it’s made of plasma. ABC called these strange videos RetroFocus. Below are some of my favorites.

Is too much fuss made over bosoms?

“The cult and worship of the bosom”

Are looks important to women?

“I can bare almost anything as long as he’s got clean teeth.”

There are many along the lines of Should Husbands Help With the Weekend Housework and Is Education a Waste of Time for a Married Women? Sigh. It was a different time.

But, wait a second this has a computer predict the end of civilization:

“Round about the year 2040, 2050, civilized life as we know it on this planet will cease to exist.”

Wait a second, that’s in 20 or 30 years. This isn’t fun anymore.

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