Nobody Knows, a Saturday Song

David J. Bauman

That title is a good argument for the clarity that commas can bring. But that’s a discussion for another day.

Today, I just want to pull you away from the news sites and have you cuddle up with me for a bit while we listen to one of my favorite bands. I know how stressful following the Twitter and Facebook feeds can be. And I know how torn we are between the need to stay informed and the desire to throw weighty objects at politicians on the TV screen. Every email in your inbox seems to imply that the world will end if you don’t do something right now.

“Nobody knows how to get back home . . . “

I assure you, there is some balance to be found somewhere between being a concerned citizen, engaged in politics, and just allowing yourself to enjoy what comforts we humans have…

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Friday Love Poem

My father does these on Thursdays, but I want to do it Friday at eleven o’clock at night. This poem is technically a love poem. It is a poem about love. In fact it’s right there in the title.

I plan on doing a few more recordings of other peoples’ poetry, and maybe of mine.I am working on a few different projects right now. I might even be published again in a literary journal which I will not name. Anyway, have a nice day.

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