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All Your Horses by Kay Ryan read by Micah Bauman

All Your Horses
Say when rain
cannot make
you more wet
or a certain
thought can’t
deepen and yet
you think it again:
you have lost
count. A larger
amount is
no longer a
larger amount.
There has been
a collapse; perhaps
in the night.
Like a rupture
in water (which
can’t rupture
of course). All
your horses
broken out with
all your horses.

Six Puns Day Nine Hundred Twenty Two: Licorice


“A message was sent to the Prime Minister’s suite, so that leaves us no choice but to root around the lobby,” said the Admiral. “we must not wake her staff, for they will become our most bitter enemies.”

Six Puns: Well, that’s enough puns being manufactured by hand…back to the plant. 

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