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Life Update And Music For Monday

Hello. Welcome to life update. It’s because I now have to manually update my life. It’s been like this ever since I  got a smart phone.

It’s been some time (which is technically always true of anything) since Dad J Bauman and Son Of Dad J Bauman have finished our chapbook. And we are kind of showing it off to different publishers. So far, no takers. But I do believe that the poetry foundation wanted to publish it awhile back (this belief is unfounded and not based in reality). Okay, that’s not true. They do publish a wild assortment of stuff though, so you never know.

Kidding aside, I haven’t let this go to my head. In fact we are already working on a sequel that is kind of a sequel and kind of a companion project. It’s a very similar idea but I think it will deal with more the emotional side of things whereas the one that is already finished is more narrative in style. I don’t usually like to talk about my writing before it’s finished but I just want anyone reading this to know that even though I haven’t blogged in awhile, I have been doing tons of writing. And I just wanted to reflect on it for a moment.

On a completely different note, Dad and I and my brothers are going to a concert on Saturday. The plan is to see Frank Turner in Wilkes-Barre at the Kirby Center on the 12th. He really seems like a good dude. So I think it will be fun. Dad has been a fan for some time. And while Jon thinks it’s funny that Dad is taking us to a punk rock concert, I’m sure we’ll all be happy. So, anyway, allow me to post a Frank Turner song from his latest album that I love and actually it fits in with the poetry part of this post. Thanks for reading.





Poets Are Jerks

Okay, so not all poets are jerks. But now after slacking off for a few weeks I’ve decided to come back to senses… and my nonsenses. I need to write now!

So last week I went to that see that poet, Jennifer Miller Carboni,  at the library. Don’t get the wrong idea. She was nice and read some pretty neat poems. She had her nephew with her, who read a Shel Silverstein poem, which was cute. But the one thing I noticed was that only a few people showed up. Isn’t that odd. Is it really true that no reads poetry. She tried to fix this making her poems simple and easy to understand or maybe that’s just her style I don’t know. Yet I can’t help but think that the art of writing is slowly dying away and we ,the writers, only have ourselves to blame.

When is the last time you just casually offered to read someone poetry? Compare that to the last time you shared music or went to the movies. People don’t just casually read and write poetry anymore. They always have an ulterior motive. They always have to promote themselves and their way of thinking. They all have a baloney goal they seek to score, whether political, religious or whatever pile of crap they want you to buy.

But maybe all of this is our, as the writers fault. The biggest flaw of the modern writer is our outrageous pride. A lot of us, me included, have assumed that some people are not understand our art. I’ve acted before as if the world isn’t ready for my amazing form of work. The time has come to stop being so selfish and start educating people.

Anyway thank you for listening to my rant and have an atypical day. I’m gonna eat some pizza now. Bye.

Celebrate Your Independence?

A Fourth of July fireworks display at the Wash...
According to the internet it’s a wonderful day for fireworks. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are you there? Are you aware tomorrow is American Independence Day? Do you care?  Am I asking too many questions? Questions are annoying. Aren’t they? It’s these very questions that are threatening our Independence. Luckily I’m not here to ask questions. I have all the answers. I will ask of you no questions as you exercise your very important right to great blog posts. Soon we will be celebrating with wonderful booming fireworks. You want some? You’ll have to buy your own.

That’s how Independence works. That will be nine bucks. Take it or leave it.

You see, when you’re a writer it’s always best to give someone all the answers. You shouldn’t have to think hard about anything! It’s a holiday. Luckily for you I’m here. And thanks to this nation’s wonderful forefathers, who seem to keep making more and more babies, we have this wonderful place called the internet to come together and be completely dependent on it. What is independence without a little dependence, eh? No need to go to the library. Unless you wanna pick me up a movie there. Do ya? The internet is a wonderful thing. If only our forefathers could see how grown and independent we all are. It’s a wonderful thing.

I’ll be back. Don’t worry. If you have any questions, don’t ask me. You can do it. You’re independent.