Haunted Hospital

Haunted Hospital

I was pacing around The Valley again
when I saw a hospital worker approach
a patient who was talking to himself.
They started talking as I eavesdropped.
She asked who he was talking to.
He explained he was reliving times
spent with his friends who weren’t there.
As if he was trying to summon them back.

She excitedly asked if regularly spoke
to ghosts and spirits of dead relatives.
That did not seem exciting or appropriate
for a mental health worker to ask a patient.

She said she was always interested
that there might be spirits lurking.
Lost souls walking the halls,
and visiting with patients.

But, maybe the dead were here
before the hospital was built,
and the living are the trespassers.
This is the Valley, afterall. The shadow
of death. Perhaps, we are the spirits
or the ghosts, wandering the corridors,
hoping to get well and desperate to get out.

Haunted Hospital is the poem printed above. It has been published in Sage Cigarettes’ Samhain/Halloween edition. Click there to find the pdf  version. There is some good stuff in there. Anyway, thanks for reading.




2 thoughts on “Haunted Hospital”

  1. Reblogged this on David J. Bauman and commented:
    I may have mentioned that while the Monkey and I have been polishing and sending our chapbook manuscript out to publishers, we’ve also been working on new stuff, potentially for a sequel. If I remember this right, the poem in this post was from notes about a health care worker talking about ghosts at the hospital he calls the Valley. While it didn’t come together for the first project, he decided that a Halloween call for submissions from Sage Cigarettes was a perfect opportunity to see the poem completed and published. Yesterday Sage Cigarettes put out their first Halloween edition, and it includes Micah’s “Haunted Hospital.” Take a look!

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