News: Chapbook Completed (but not published) And A Special Friday Song

Dad and I have been working on a joint chapbook for a couple of years. It’s finally done. It hasn’t been published yet. But it will be published soon. I don’t want to give too many details right now. Even about the title. Hint: It has something to do with hospitals and something to do with poems. Actually that’s a little bit misleading. 2016 was the first time I had a poem published. Then again in word fountain again in 2017. I have gotten accepted to other books since then, but I’ve learned to be cautious. Anyway, our book is about my experiences in a mental hospital and others kinds of hospitals and my dad and I trying to cope with them. God. That was a big run on sentence.

I don’t blog regularly enough anymore. But expect more of that soon. It is going to keep me busy.

Anyway, I have a special song for you today. This song is really nice. And it’s a nice thing to hear. Because in the country I’m in, some things have happened. And it’s freaky because there’s a tension. There’s a tense feeling in everyone. And it won’t go away. And the reason I say that it won’t is because it started out with plain old cynicism. Unless we work at making the word a better place for us, we’re left with just cynicism. And I hope this song makes you feel less cynical for a few minutes. Thank you for checking it out.   

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