William Carlos Williams, Poet of the Week

First of all, I wanted to go into more detail on yesterday’s post. Maybe I’ll do some Robert Frost analysis and the talk about the song too. I’ll get back to that later. It really was hard to pick only four. And we considered poets such as Robert Frost, Edgar Lee Masters, Emily Dickison, EE Cummings, Theodore Roethke,Langston Hughes, Mary Oliver, Sharon Olds and more that I’m forgetting to mention right now. But we wanted a good variety and we tried to get that. For now enjoy some readings of poems by the official poet of the week, William Carlos Williams.

David J. Bauman

Did you know that William Carlos Williams was a pediatrician?

The Monkey hatched a plan for National Poetry Month. He and I would pick four poets, one for each week, and record some poems by each. In years past, I have recorded a poem each day. The first year, in 2012, all of them were on YouTube. This took far more time than I had bargained for. Aside from work, nobody saw me the entire month of April that year. In 2013, I decided to mix it up and record a few on YouTube and more on SoundCloud. You can find all of the poems from both years, by searching here on this blog.

Suffice it to say, I like Micah’s plan better. It wasn’t easy selecting only four poets, but then we both like recording, so we knew we’d do more in time anyway. And there…

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