Christmas of 2013

Here at the Monkey Prodigy blog, we don’t celebrate Christmas. We celebrate the winter solstice, apparently by listening to live Elton John CDs. I’ve thought about turning on the news to see what is relevant, but I can never keep up with the trends. I don’t buy into them. Twitter will send you straight to hell!  but this is what happens when you don’t have a job. You sound like a crazy person. Don’t be a jerk, guys. Show some Christmas spirit. You won’t be able to pay your bills with Christmas spirit, but you can pay your extended family to leave you alone for the rest of the year… and really isn’t that what Christmas is all about? If we could all just be nice and civil to other people for a short of time and then completely ignore each other the rest of the year, the world would be a better place. We wouldn’t have w

– A lazy work of satire. 


One thought on “Christmas of 2013”

  1. Yes, this makes me happy. I know this isn’t purely autobiographical, but it’s inspired for certain. 😉 So you caught my wink as we were getting the social media sermon at the table. I was starting to feel trapped, and it was annoying because up until then, militia and gun talking nephew included, I was doing a good job of ignoring all the “conservative” bullshit in the air. Sigh. It was good to see my dad though, and I think he had a touch of sadness in his eyes when I said goodbye (got to work early, but just had to get out of there). We have to go back without the rest of the family and visit my dad with your brothers.

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