Novelty Novel

So, you’ve written me a novelty novel.

A book I shall never read

or likely even open.

I shall never flip passionately through the pages.

I shall never gaze the pages, read the words that may seem to protrude from within.

My head will never be filled to the brim with each of its sentences.

My brain will never process its letters.

You’ve written me a novelty novel.

It sure looks elegant from the outside,

but the inside I shall never know.

The cover looks nice and gaudy,

but, I should not judge it by that alone.

Okay, so that’s today’s poem. I just want to make something clear. I may be posting less of these soon. The only reason is that I want to one day actually submit some of my work (poetry) for publication. I also really want to start working on some short stories at some point. Maybe a novel… Some of the short stories and poems I’m going to work on (and I really want to work on some…) will be posted here on the Monkey Prodigy blog. I was born an amazing writer (at least, that’s what I’d like to believe). I am definitely getting better every day. Recently, I am more confident than ever in my abilities. I will not, however (this I promise you) allow any of my work to suffer by allowing my brilliance to go to my head. The precocious primate, I mean Monkey Prodigy, doesn’t allow foolish things like that to happen to him. I am entirely grateful to everyone who reads this blog on a regular basis or has even read it once or twice. It is my hope that you will continue to follow me… and you will continue to bask in my sheer brilliance… because face it, compared to a lot of today’s poetry I am a shinning star of enlightenment. Maybe, I sound a little conceited. Maybe I am, but no one will ever be able to say I’m not proud of what I do. I refuse to write something that I or people I care about are ashamed of. I apologize for this excessively lengthy monologue.You’ve probably stopped reading by now  (wouldn’t blame you) you know what? I’ve clearly said enough (maybe more than I should have.) Goodnight and thanks a lot for reading.


3 thoughts on “Novelty Novel”

  1. Garrulous? Listen, some people talk too much and others like us, have something to say. 😉 But I am touched that you still love me after I tried to poison you on Thanksgiving. You know I love you too. Brat.

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