A Poem and A Review

Okay, I’m killing two birds with one stone here. I’m going to post a review and an original poem by yours almost truly. What kind of birds are we killing? Think of your favorite kind. That’s the kind we’re killing tonight.

As many others have done, I plan to give a review of the poetry reading I attended at Penn State of the greatest gay poet in America, Richard Blanco (sorry Dad, but you’ve never read for the president). I’ll have to keep this review short because I have others things to work on. The inaugural poem was interesting and good, but far from the best I’d heard that night. I enjoyed the poem called Looking for The Gulf Motel. My father cried during that one. The most interesting things about that poem was a line in which he stated that he wanted to pretend nothing lost was lost. I don’t know if Richard realized it (he probably did), but I believe that he spent the entire poem doing precisely that. “Mother Picking Produce” was among my favorites of the night. Blanco’s style and approach is very similar to that of my father’s (simultaneously a good and bad thing). The difference is that David J Bauman does not speak Spanish (usually) and does not read at inauguration ceremonies. Visit Richard’s website for more. One could argue that Richard was chosen merely for reasons of diversity. I would tell that person to shut up. I haven’t gotten a chance to flip through an entire book of his yet, but I like what I’ve read so far. I recommend it.

Okay, without further ado, here’s a poem by ME, Micah Bauman. I hope you like it. You’re free to hate it. But, you’d be wrong for doing so. This one is about a fictional ancient race of people who worshiped crosswalks. I call them pedestrians. Does that make any sense? Have I lost my mind?

The Pedestrians

There was once an ancient race of people
who worshiped the crosswalk
they talked and they laughed

sermons were spoken on the sidewalk
not of moving mountains of course
or replanting trees in seas
where they certainly don’t belong
they dared not terraform the Earth
(with their faith)
they dared not assess its worth
before selling it back to the Gods
who had no use for it anyway

There was once an ancient race of people
who worshiped the crosswalk
they talked and they laughed
and they crossed the street.

12 thoughts on “A Poem and A Review”

  1. Now I beg to differ here. First of all Richard Blanco read at the inauguration ceremony, not at the White House, and I DID read at the White House. I was reading to the president’s dogs through the fence (at the top of my lungs because I couldn’t get close enough). I even tried to read directly to the President and Michelle but I only got two lines of “Amish Fantasy” out before the secret service guys grabbed me and pinned me down. After that everything went black. But I’m sure Mr. President and the dogs would have loved it. Is this discrimination because I’m not Cuban?

      1. But then again, you could show me a video of him later reading at the White House and I would be proven wrong. I have no research or knowledge to back up the assertion that he only read at the Inauguration. LOL Any way, mute point on my part. Blanco is still the greatest gay poet, because I only watched the Inauguration on TV. I couldn’t even be bothered to show up in person! 🙂

      1. Maybe I read it wrong. I think it just echoed the earlier stanza, they talked and laughed. . . I think. But again, I should not be trusted with the internet. I might have read it wrong. In any case, I like this poem.

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