A quick and breezy draft

Okay so here’s a second draft of that poem. I think I may post a few more as you will obviously be enthralled by my spectacular editing process. If that is not the case, go away I don’t want you here. Just a note: I know there are spaces between each line that shouldn’t be there. I don’t feel like fixing it right now.

As my alarm clock rings

not surprising me in the least

am I ready to leap out of bed?

should i leave my warm bed

on which i lie or should i come clean

i scrape the crust from my eyes

liberate my body from my

seemingly sometimes suffocating sheets

but should I go somewhere

with friends or with enemies…

Should I leave this house to scorn

to see sights unseeable

stare into the face of public indecency

experience the ear shattering cries of infancy

unsightly pedestrians

or would i run all the way (half way) back

home: to live, laugh, love, or lust

shall I simply stay in bed

and stare at the ceiling

marvel at the stains and wonder

how did they get there?

something to do with a light switch…?

I’m not sure.

I could sit inert and ensconced

upon this mattress in all its fortitude

or the world outside could just wait.

Oh, and I would like to wish a happy birthday to the Dadpoet. In fact I don’t just wish. I demand. I don’t care what sort of calamities happens during the last few hours of his birthday. He’s going to go to bed with a smile… even if it’s forced (*wink).


7 thoughts on “A quick and breezy draft”

  1. And by golly I think I did! Right after I asked that girl, “ever so politely” to shut the heck up. Yeah, I’m really glad I had an early birthday with you guys on Sunday, and a little more Birthday with Keith and all tomorrow, because the actual date of my birth anniversary? Ergh, it was a really crap day. Thanks for making things brighter!

    By the way, when did you get so demanding?

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