I haven’t posted anything yet. I have thought about much of anything yet. I want to put up a video tomorrow, okay? The metaphorical thread of thought I’m running is even thinner than the ozone layer, but I’m gonna tell you what I’m thinking anyway. Scientists have recently implanted false memories into mice. Does that mean everything you know is wrong? No. It does not. But you’re still wrong. Anyway, that’s all I got…at least for now.


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  1. I think the scientists got the idea from Torchwood. You see, there was this episode called “Adam” where this guy, coincidentally named Adam had implanted members in to the whole team, making them believe that he had been with them all along, but he hadn’t. It was pretty creepy, because Adam wasn’t a guy; he was some kind of alien that feeds off of human memories. I don’t think any mice were involved.

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