Homemade Philosopher

“only one thing is certain
but i’m not entirely sure what it is”
so I sit in my bed and get lost in my head
so, they say I’m a philosopher because i accidentally thought about life once
as i stepped on a nail that somehow mysteriously fell out of the woodwork
i screamed at the top of my lungs
and thought the nails situation eerily similar to mine
If you would claim i’m over thinking things
i would uncertainly agree
you might even go as far to call me slightly crazy
but I placed a bandage upon my foot (comparing it to you)
so it covered up the hole in my sole
and i wondered as i wandered off to sleep

And that’s today’s poem. By the way I changed my mind at last-minute. I do apologize. Feel free to leave a comment complaining about it but I’m just gonna delete it. (#insidejoke #wordpressdoesntsupporthashtags #hashtagsowhyamidoingthis) . No, seriously. Sorry about that. I don’t know where I’ve been. Actually, I do. But, anyway…ummmmmm…


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