Worth Your While

Whew! So I’ve been recovering this past couple of days. Apparently I had some sort of issue with my digestive system. Holy freaking actual crap. It sucked. But now I’m back to blog and I’m gonna blog to my heart’s content for chrissake because why else would I have a blog if I wasn’t going to mash letters into my keyboard and blog like hell. No one can stop me from blogging, not even the government. I don’t know if they read if they read my blog, but they might be reading my emails. So go ahead send me an email about how amazing this blog is. If they want to get between our intimate relationship, they’ll have to pry this laptop from my cold dead hands. I don’t care how much military force they may have. They might have helicopters, but I have a blog. They can’t stop me.

I don’t know what I’m doing now. I sprained my ankle last week. There’s thunderstorm outside now and I haven’t done anything productive in years. I need to take my SATs at point. I need to do some sort of community service so I can graduate. But now I’m sitting inside on my laptop and my mother is visiting the emergency room because I don’t know she’s sick or something. Now, we are going to share this wondrous bonding moment even if you are a stranger from across the world.  I promise you it will be worth your while. In fact I’m going to improvise a poem right now called Worth Your While

Dear, come with me
I have something to show you
all admission costs is your one
solitary while
that you earned back in junior high
the only while you’ll ever have
but i promise the most amazing
experience you’ll ever have
you’ve only got one while
i know you
don’t want to waste it
this time though i assure you
it’s worth your while

That’s just off the top of my head. I don’t know if it’s any good yet. I haven’t looked over it. But as anything I write, I’m sure it’s top quality you can only get at monkeyprodigy.wordpress.com. Check that site out some time, will ya?  Thank you. Hears to hoping this post was Worth Your While.

  • Hello Blog (rebeccareddin.wordpress.com) – Enter: Rebecca Reddin. That sounds wrong , but I like people who make blogs. They’re cool people…sometimes.

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