An Update On The Life of Micah Bauman

So, it’s been awhile since I’ve written about myself (which is odd because that’s one of my all time favorite things to write about; besides spaghetti of course). But I think it’s time again I talk about myself.  Summertime is coming soon for me, but I have a lot of preparations to go through before I can start college. That’s getting ahead of things though, because this summer I’ll become a senior. So, I’ve officially selected the classes I’ll be taking for my final year in high school and I’ve opted not to take Holocaust Literature.
Sure, the holocaust might be interesting to study, but it’s gotta be really goddamn depressing to have to read story after story about it. First we’d read about Anne Frank, then we’d read Schindler’s List, and then… those are the only pieces of literature about the holocaust that I’m aware of (unless you count Mien Kampf). I’m immensely excited about not having to attend high school for two months though.

I hope to have more time to blog this summer and possibly even get in a couple of videos. I don’t know quite what I’ll end up doing. Maybe I’ll take some photographs,  write some more poetry, swim with sharks, wrestle a bear… Who cares? Carpe Diem!

Speaking of seizing the day, next Friday will be my birthday. To many people’s dismay, that means it’s been 17 years since I’ve entered this world, but each year has been worth it, except maybe 2 or 3 of them that were a complete waste of time. That’s in the past now though.


2 thoughts on “An Update On The Life of Micah Bauman”

  1. I’m visiting from your Dad’s blog, Micah, and came to wish you happy birthday. Enjoyed your post. You have a nice sense of humor and write in a delightfully well-paced style.

    Blog on …

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