A Murder

Well, since it is National Poetry Month. Here’s a little something. I don’t know if I could write poems for a whole month like some people plan doing. But maybe I’ll write a few here and there. I got some ideas. But I’ve been slacking.

A murder has been committed
and the perpetrator is one that we cannot simply lock away
not to say they fled the scene
the fact is that they were never seen
this was a freak accident you see
this wasn’t meant to be
the cold dead body you see on the ground
was offed by no man or woman
this one was one that never had a chance
this one was a victim of circumstance


2 thoughts on “A Murder”

  1. Reblogged this on The Dad Poet and commented:
    Ah, so my son the Monkey has decided to write a few poems for National Poetry Month! I cannot not share such things. This week I’ll try to highlight some friends and fellow bloggers who are doing the one a day challenge and also some of those who already seem to post poetry, including audio on nearly daily basis!

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