♥Three Days Later♥

Valentine flowers

Valentine’s Day has come and gone and as you may have noticed I’ve written nothing about it. Not even a simple “Happy Valentine’s Day” type of post. And I’ll tell you why. As many of my peers at the institution for learning (or as the simpletons there call it: school) have remarked, Valentine’s Day is a pointless holiday. You don’t get off of school or work for it. You don’t get to dress in crazy outfits or go out drinking or get gifts or go on a vacation. No, of course not. Instead you spend the entire supposedly loving and caring about somebody else. What an absurd way to spend a holiday. Anyway, as black history month marches on, please remember…I forgot.

3 thoughts on “♥Three Days Later♥”

  1. Thanks for mentioning my blog, “Sustained Enthusiasm”! I have to say that if you do Valentine’s Day right, you *do* get gifts…. and that’s the most important part of holidays 😛

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