Love: The Conqueror

English: Sheetz gas station and convenience st...
 A typical American gas station aka Sheetz has been conquered by the great conqueror called Love (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

love conquerors all
says the unbroken heart
the playful; unbroken heart
love stands over me
in the gas station restroom
I dance in front of the mirror
to an unfamiliar song
does love conqueror this too
does it stand over this convenience store too
and offer its blessing to those who are willing
does love bother to conquer this filthy facility
which holds dispensable condoms; fifty cents each
for any lucky man who should want
as I look around this restroom I notice that love truly is disgusting
why would it bother to conqueror such a grotesque place
what happened to love’s vision of beauty
and what does it want with such a place as this

I walk out of the restroom; still in a building conquered by love
I look around the store for nothing in particular
and that’s exactly what I find
soft drinks; full of sugar and caffeine
newspapers; full of news that seems unclean
shall I buy a drink before I finally leave
or should I approach the beautiful girl
who might be waiting around the corner
somewhere amongst potato chips and magazines
somewhere in this building ought to be the finer things
the things love adored so much
that induced love to conquer it

we finally must leave; pay for our things
that we bought in this building conquered by love
I leave the building with saucy chicken wings
but not until after speaking with the man at the register
who asks if I want I’d like a free drink
and under loves command; inside love’s land
I accept this offer
leave the building
and move on elsewhere to another place
a place soon to be conquered by love


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