Poetry About Donald Trump

Why don’t people write poetry about politics? Why don’t people write poems about Donald Trump not understanding the electoral college system and calling for a revolution (see: treason). I think the main issue with writing poetry about politics is that many folks simply have nothing new or original to say about politics. Although I did read a conspiracy theory the other day on how Barack Obama was actually Kurt Cobain. But that’s not poetry. That’s prose and mediocre prose at best. So my question is are there any good poems out there that focus on things like GOP candidates, angry tea partiers, and legalizing gay marriage and marijuana that are actually worth reading. Lets ask the great prophet Google for guidance. I’m going to try a couple of different approaches and see if they wield interesting results. And no I’m not just doing this to get lots of hits on my blog. Do I look like my father? Anyway, let’s try out some search terms:

Search term: legalizing marijuana poetry

Result: this
My Thoughts: While it definitely is an interesting poem. It has puns about lemonade and capitalism. But the poem seems to assume its audience is going to understand just what exactly his friend is talking about. It might be slightly different if these we’re exact quotes by his friend. But nothing in the poem suggests are even vaguely hints at that. What’s cookie cutter capitalism? Are you implying that socialists societies do not have cookie cutters? He goes on to state his case that marijuana should be legal on the grounds that marijuana is really fun and has very few side effects.

Search Term: class size doesn’t matter poem
Result (and Thoughts): In short: not much. Mostly poets talking about things that don’t matter instead of writing poetry.

So far I haven’t found anything I particularly enjoy. And just like the rest of America, I’m getting impatient. So let’s try a new approach for this next Google search.

Search Term: Donald Trump Haiku
speeding limo-crazy hair…
next stop, White House?

U.S. marine band
leads a majestic cadence…
Hail to the Donald!

Guiding Documents
Constitution, Bill of Rights…
The Art of the Deal?

The Donald, the phrase
not just for apprentices…

Thoughts: Not bad.


5 thoughts on “Poetry About Donald Trump”

  1. I think you’ve found a niche to exploit, maybe D Trump will fund it! I’d lose the thing about the hair though.

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