The Tiger Verison 2: Coming Soon To Video…Eventually

Be love
be fearless
be one with the tiger
dragged by the foot
yet i got my wish
to pet that kitty
everyone has a reason for the things they do
out from the train
over the fence i went

I was thinking about recording a video. But unfortunately there are some other folks occupying my studios. One of them is named Your Mom and claims she lives here. I wrote this poem more than once before filming the video. I’m probably going to upload this version also. Enjoy the poem.

If your curious of what this poem is about: click here.


3 thoughts on “The Tiger Verison 2: Coming Soon To Video…Eventually”

  1. Love it! This is the version I saw at your house that day. Simple and direct. Takes me right over the fence with it.

    One suggestion, to make it grammatically parallel, try using either Fearlessness or Loving, so that they are both the same part of speech. See what you think.

    Excellent little piece, in my opinion.

    1. I just got around to checking on that. While it may seem to make a little bit more sense to say be loving and be fearless. I was attempting to make reference to an apparent facebook post he made in the article in which he stated “be love and fearless”. I may however change it to simply “be love and fearless” as that seems to make a little more sense. Hmmm…”What to do? What to do?”

      1. Go with your gut. Yes, and if your gut was struck by the original words, go for it. The jarring sound to the ear of what is unparallel, and therefore unexpected, could work. Although, you are under no obligation to follow the exact quote, I can see now why you find it intriguing. I was thinking the Frank O’Hara quote I mentioned fit, but apparently I misheard it. More on that later.

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