How To Improvise

Hello I am the emerging poet, Monkey Prodigy (of course that’s my real name) and although I have never been fishing on the Susquehanna, today I’m going to attempt to show you how to improvise. Not just anybody can improvise. It takes a special type of person to accomplish such a feat. Preferably an improvisor has to have legs. Okay I suppose it doesn’t need legs. I suppose a snake could improvise if he really wanted to. Like if he had to distract some sort of speedy Mexican rodent that is easily distracted by show tunes. I have no idea what that means. But that’s why I don’t usually improvise. Everything thing I do is meticulously planned out. A few days ago I decide that in 27.56 days later I would write a blog post that was improvised. But of course I eventually decided not to write that post because that would turn out absolutely aweful and I mean “aweful”. The post would be so brilliant that you would be in so much awe that you would end up in a mental hospital surrounded by a bunch of sketchy strangers who insist on asking you how you “feel” today. I’m not trying to say I’m absolutely horrible at improvising. There’s no doubt that everything is brilliant. It’s just that somehow I always feel like there’s something I could have done differently. But I never wanna go back and change it, which is the way I look at real life a lot too. I’ve already made so many blog posts, whether masterpieces or not. It would be extremely tedious to spend years perfecting the same old blog posts. Of course I should edit out the grammatical errors and things of those source but that just kind of sucks. Besides, those posts are in the pasts. And we should learn from the past but also laugh at it. But don’t laugh at it too much. The past gets quite self-conscious. And it may seem to the average reader… wait a second what is an average reader?… and whose funky signature is this? It looks as if there’s a B. Maybe even an I. Possibly even a Collin somewhere in there. Who could that be? Maybe my father could recognize this signature? Probably not.



4 thoughts on “How To Improvise”

  1. Yes, if you become a poet or a doctor, nobody has to be able to actually read your signature, and yet, with it people will be happy, because either they can get prescription drugs with it or sell it on ebay.

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