Mixed Up Messages: Turned In For Cunning

So, the other day in math class the teacher got annoyed with people leaving the classroom early. So he said if we left we would be turned in for cutting. And while cutting is indeed bad I initially misheard his warning as being turned in for cunning. Even if that is not what he said it’s certainly more interesting, if not necessarily grammatically. How do does one be turned in for cunning. I experimented with this in my journal but I’m not quite sure. What do you guys think?

i have been turned in for cunning
for clever
for deceit
caught in the act of sneak
and now i must face the consequence
i will never cun again


7 thoughts on “Mixed Up Messages: Turned In For Cunning”

  1. I got in trouble for clicking like on everything you write. Hey, I like that you write! And you write well. Sure, we all make typos, and we both need to work on that. But unless my “likes” embarrass you, or threaten your credibility I will keep clicking like. I figure your readers understand.

      1. Not only that, but I liked every single post. Apparently this is supposed to embarrass you and threaten your “credibility.” Now, I know dad’s involvement can be embarrassing, and even annoying sometimes. For instance, in dating, I could be a real pain in the ass, asking all kinds of awkward questions, showing up at unexpected times. And probably I will do all of this. I mean, it’s my job after all.

        But since you chose a blogging community where I also blog, and since you sometimes ask for my opinion and help, well, I figured you didn’t mind the interaction. I mean, for pete’s sake, we are commenting and replying right now!

        How does your credibility feel? I’m not making you emotional, am I? See, that’s a clue that I read your latest post, but haven’t clicked “like” yet. No worries. I will. It’s what I do. Seriously, even when you make more typos than your father, I still like that you write, and I. . . well, seriously. Does it bother you!? DOES IT? Ah hem. . .

        I know, I know, NOW, now I am embarrassing you.:-)

  2. I was also thinking that I like the idea that cunning could be thought of something to get turned in for. That perhaps there would be a reason for teachers and leaders to keep us stupid and simple. . . Oh yeah, that’s already happening, isn’t it?

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