What Is Poetry

Hello my subjects. Are you reading for some more experiments?

Okay. So it wasn’t fair yesterday when I picked on an old dead goose. But to be fair, I’ve told off plenty of so called “poets” on the internet. I wish I could speak with these people in real life.

You see, when I’m bored I visit a website called yahoo answers (i wouldn’t recommend it). There are tons are writers on there and honesty most of them are terrible. So today I performed a little experiment. That’s what I do. I asked a question on the  site. I asked what they thought poetry was.

I only received four answers. It was disappointing but I am still excited that I was able to learn. Here’s the best/worst answer I received (slightly edited for better viewing):

“Imagine someone able to reach into themselves, pulling out their brains and souls, then staining a bit of paper with those bleeding emotions, creating something with words.”

Is creating art that painful? I’ve never felt any of this whilst writing. Am I a cold, emotionless, mindless zombie? Apparently, yes I am. But I’m still more creative than most folks.  Thanks again to the internet. Talk to you later, “buddy”.

7 thoughts on “What Is Poetry”

  1. I dunno about anyone else… But that is gunna be some MESSY poetry lol, Loving the blog dude keep it up 🙂

  2. It’s a great question. One I’ve been compiling some answers to and links about. I am not crazy about the painful bloody definition from that Yahoo-er either. I would say that it is often a work that makes me either quietly gasp, or maybe even punch me in the gut, in such a way that I like it. Emily Dickinson said that if it makes her feel so cold no fire could ever warm her, or that it makes her feel that her head was just lopped off, then she knows it’s poetry. I get the feeling she is mentioning, but she says this as metaphor for the feeling. It’s not the same thing as the uncomfortable, icky feeling I would get from reading someone’s drippy, bloody brains and heart on the page. That’s just too gross, and too much. 🙂 I look forward to hearing what you find on this topic.

    1. thanks. I’ll have to explore more into this strange and bloody realm later. I slept for over 12 hours today. So I haven’t done much yet. But I’ll get working… eventually…

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