The Mission of the Writer

Hello, I’m Micah Bauman and this is my blog. If you’d take a look at the about page, you’ll see I am an amazing young writer who is currently stuck in high school. This is my first post, so lets get rolling. Well actually “lets get writing” would be more accurate I suppose. You get the idea.

My kindergarten teacher said I was a child prodigy. While highly debatable, I do consider myself a talented writer la poetry and fiction and I don’t need you telling me otherwise. Honesty, I don’t know where I get my talent. It’s not like it runs in the family.

It’s hard being a writer. Not because I’m not already fantastic at it. But because I always have these good ideas and great concepts in my head, but when it comes to writing them down. It’s a little harder than it looks. And I am still constantly improving too (almost perfect).  But I can’t just not write just because I fear something I write might be only just great, not perfect. Writers everywhere need to raise up their pens and prepare to do what they do best (what I do best anyway), writing. Our mission has started.

As you know (I blindly assume), there are a lot great writers out there. There are endless amounts of great young writers I’m sure. But no one wants to here from them. No one wants to hear from me and read my fantastic writings. And I’m not gonna stand for this any more. The schools won’t have it. The public won’t read it. Everybody is so sick of reading bad poetry and bad fiction that people just don’t care anymore. I won’t stand for that! I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore. That’s write I’ve started a blog and this means war. And those who don’t have the guts to battle should shoot themselves in the leg (figuratively, you know).

Okay, back to talking about me. When I was younger, I used to tell my grandfather short improvised fictional stories. A lot of times they turned out not so good. But we both enjoyed spending the time together. Now, without him, I have finally discovered that I can actually write these stories down. My father, being a poet, has helped exposed me to a whole new world (probably much more than any English class ever could). And now I have a blog too. Your welcome.

While I’m not quite sure what I’ll post here in the future, I just wanted to get a blog out there in case someone should need it (and you will). For now you can take a look at this poem I wrote during drivers education class via my fathers blog.


7 thoughts on “The Mission of the Writer”

  1. This rocks! Ah hem. . . but I figure you must already know that. 😉 Did we compliment you too much as a kid? Ha! Seriously, I am sure your readers are smart enough to recognize dry humor when they read it. At least I hope it’s humor (shhh. . . but secretly, between just you and me, Micah, we both know how amazing we are, right?)

    And thanks for the props and links to my page!

    Love ya,
    Yo Proud Pappa

  2. Hey, Micah.

    Got here via your Dad, and I’m very glad I did. I find your bio above highly amusing, and look forward to reading more from you in the future. Will definitely be following your blog.

    Best wishes,


  3. Hi Micah…
    What an auspicious beginning!…I’m keen to support your inspiration and am grateful to your dad for sharing your new adventure. I clearly GOT his pride and it’s wonder-full that his nurturing, expansive relationship with poetry, words and Life has permeated your way of Seeing and Being…All the best and have FUN!…I’ll be following you from Yirrkala Northern Territory Australia. Cheers

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